Trebbia Foundation

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On its 15th anniversary of the presentation of the International TREBBIA Awards

Sunday, 13th March 2016

The Spanish Hall, Prague Castle


Under the auspices of:

MILOŠ ZEMAN, President of the Czech Republic

DANIEL HERMAN, Minister of culture of the Czech Republic


Moderators: Jitka Novotná, Czech Television; Maroš Kramár, Slovak Television (95 min)


Miloš Zeman, video greetings of President of the Czech Republic


FOK – Prague Symphony Orchestra

Enrico Dovico (Italy) – Conductor


LAUDATIO was presented by H. E. Peter Weiss – Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Czech Republic


1. Vincenzo Bellini Overture to the NORMA opera




The award received: Sharon Resch (*1951), USA, Patron

Sharon Resch was born in 1951 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As she grew up in a very poor neighbourhood, throughout her childhood she was surrounded by people who needed help. She studied mathematics at the Illinois Institute of Technology while also attending dance classes. Dance is her lifelong passion. After dancing in Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles, she and her husband settled in Green Bay, where she supports Pamiro Opera, which she also led for several years. Her foundation organises the Czech/Slovak International Vocal Competition, which awards prizes of $10,000. She taught dance at the Academy of Music and Dance in Banská Bystrica for two years. Her stay in Slovakia provided her with the chance to visit children living in difficult conditions in Roma villages and take an active interest in the problems they face. Sharon’s charitable and philanthropic work covers a broad scope. “I sleep better at night knowing I’ve made a little dent in other people’s big problems,” Sharon says. “You will sleep better at night, too.”

The award wass presented by: Eliška Coolidge-Hašková – Former Office Director for Public Relations of 5 American presidents


The award received: Christina Scheppelmann (*1968), Germany

Christina Scheppelmann was born in 1968 in Hamburg, Germany. She sang for the children’s choir in Hamburger Staatsoper. After graduating from secondary school, she completed her apprenticeship at Hesse Newmann bank. After working as an assistant at La Fenice opera in Venice and Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, at just 29 years of age she took over the artistic management of the San Francisco Opera. In 2001 she became director of artistic operations at the Washington National Opera. From 2012 she became director of the Royal Opera House Muscat in Oman, which is the first opera house established on the Arabian Peninsula. In the 2014/2015 season she took over the direction of Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona. She contributed much to the world of opera, bringing a large number of young people to the field and helping them build their important international opera careers.

The award was presented by: Klaus von Trotha – Former Minister for Culture of Baden-Württemberg


2. Geraldine Chauvet (France)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart „Parto! Ma tu ben mio“ Sesto´s aria from the 1st act LA CLEMENZA DI TITO opera




The award received: Milan Sládek (*1938), Germany – Slovakia, Mime

Slovak mime, choreographer, director, and professor Milan Sládek was born in 1938 in Streženice (Slovakia). He attended the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. One of his most well-known characters is Kefka, a potboy in a garden restaurant and the main protagonist of the pantomime comedy Hrča. In 1962 his ensemble was made an autonomous part of the Slovak National Theatre. Following the political upheaval of 1968 he left for Germany. In 1974 he established Kefka Theatre in Cologne. Two years later he launched the first annual Gaukler International Festival of Mime Art, which is considered the best festival of its kind in the world. In 1987 he became a professor of pantomime at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. In 2000 Slovak president Rudolf Šuster awarded him the Order of Ľudovít Štúr, 3rd class and German President Johannes Rau awarded him the Federal Cross of Merit, 1st class.

The award was presented by: Jan Burian – Director of the National theatre in Prague


The award received: Carlos Cruz-Diez (*1923), Venezuela, Artist

One of the most important artists of the 20th century, Carlos Cruz-Diez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1923. He studied typography and graphic design at the city’s university and in the 1970s he expanded his knowledge by studying kinetic techniques at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1959. Cruz-Diez has spent his entire life exploring art, especially the kinetic and optical elements of colour. His art could be called geometric abstraction. During his studies he was interested in the work of Georges Seurat and Josef Albers, who had experimented with colours, exploring their interactions, aesthetics and how they are perceived. His art works with the moiré effect, i.e., the interference patterns caused by superimposing two regular, nearly identical grids. He has also taught at art schools in France and in his native Venezuela.

The award was presented by: Eileen Cooper – Keeper of the Royal Academy of Arts in London


The award received in memory of Bořek Šípek (1949 – February 2016), Czech Republic, Architect, Designer and Glass Master

Architect, designer and master glassmaker Bořek Šípek is a Renaissance man in his range of interests. Penniless, he emigrated to Germany at the age of 19. He studied architecture in Hamburg and philosophy in Stuttgart, going on to obtain his doctorate from the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. Šípek returned to Prague in1999 and was appointed professor of architecture and design at Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. In 1999 he was offered a professorship at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He was the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the Technical University of Liberec. During President Václav Havel’s term in office, he was the main architect for Prague Castle. His works are represented in many permanent exhibitions of the world’s most celebrated galleries and museums. Šípek won a number of awards for his work, including being named Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Republic.

The award assumed: Ivan Kubela – eventually one of Bořek Šípek´s son

The award is presented by: Jan Wolf – Councillor for Culture of the Capital City Prague


3. Alena Miro (Czech Republic)

Pietro Mascagni „ Voi lo sapete o mamma“ Santuzzy´s aria from





The award received: Pick Keobandith (*1965), Laos – Belgium – France, Curator and Art Historian

A Belgian curator and art historian of Laotian origin, Pick Keobandith was born in 1965. She studied at the du Louvre in Paris, where she received a doctorate in art history. During her studies she specialised in European sculpture between 1900 and 1914. This focus stemmed from her intensive research into sculptor Elie Nadelman from the “Paris Period”. She has written a number of publications about fine art. She is the director of Qu Art in Brussels and collaborates with Chinese galleries and museums, which has allowed her to present major contemporary European artists in China as well as Chinese artists in Europe. As a result she has created a broad network of museums and galleries around the world that hold exhibitions based on friendly partnerships. In addition, Keobandith has managed three of the most popular galleries in Paris – Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Galerie Anne de Villepoix and Galerie Daniel Templon.

The award was presented by: Hynek Kmoníček – Chief of Foreign Affairs Departments, Office of the President




The award received: Ivan Stadtrucker (*1935), Slovakia, Screenwriter, Dramaturgist, and Writer

Professor Ivan Stadtrucker is one of the most acclaimed mass media specialists in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague. He opened the first electronic music studio at Czechoslovak Television in Bratislava. As a stage designer and scriptwriter he has prepared over 50 Monday film adaptations for broadcast, a number of which received local and international awards. As the Director General of Slovak Television, he contributed to the cultural development of the CEE region. In Trnava he established the Faculty of Mass Media Communication and was the first dean of the faculty. He was also dean of the Academy of Art in Banská Bystrica. He has lectured on mass media theory at numerous European fora and at universities in the United States. The author of dozens of professional studies and books as well as works of prose, he has recently published a book on the history of Slovak Television.

The award was presented by: René Zavoral, General Director Czech Radio


The award received: Vladimír Páral (*1932), Czech Republic, Writer

Czech novelist Vladimír Páral is known for his uncompromisingly penetrating satire. Páral graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Chemical Engineering in Pardubice. His literary work can often be described as “scientific experiments” in which he places his characters into various situations as if to see how they will respond. One example is the short novel Fair of Granted Wishes (1964), the first volume in Páral’s “Black Pentalogy”, which criticized the mechanisation of life in modern consumer society. After writing Lovers and Murderers in 1969, the regime let him know that any disagreement with the pro-Soviet ideology of “normalization” must disappear from his novels. His later prose writings are popular as well, including The Book of Pleasure, Laughter and Joy and Playgirls I. These works explored themes related to sexuality, which previously had been repressed by censorship.

The award was presented by: Taťána Kuchařová – Top model, Actress, Miss World and Chair of the Board of Foundation “Krása pomoci”


4. Miguelangelo Cavalcanti (Brasil)

Ruggiero Leoncavallo „Si puo!“ prologue Tonia from the PAGLIACCI opera


An auction of paintings made by world-famous personalities, who are not professional artists



The proceeds from the benefit auction was split evenly and donated to the Archa Chantal Foundation founded by Chantal Poullain and the Trebbia Foundation.


Karel Gott (*1939)
oil on canvas
60 x 50 cm
Starting price: 100.000 CZK


Ron Wood (*1947)
hand coloured etching
35,8 x 48,8 cm signed and numbered 219/275
Starting price: 100.000 CZK


Milan Lasica (*1940) MISTR A JEHO ŽÁKYNĚ, 2016
oil on canvas
30 x 40 cm
Starting price: 100.000 CZK


Auction of a fine print which was exhibited on the North Pole


Miroslav Pošvic (*1959)
coloured lithography
36 x 30 cm signed and numbered 55/60
Starting price: 100.000 CZK


5. Alena Miro and Geraldine Chauvet

Francesco Cilea „Non risponde…“duet of Adriana and Princess from the 2nd act of the ADRIANA LECOUVREUR opera


The end


Social gatherings with banquet will be held after the official programme


Members of the Trebbia International Nomination Committee for the year 2016 are:



World famous conductor. Long time chief conductor of BBC Orchestra London and now chief conductor of Czech Philharmonic (Czech Republic)



Owner and Publisher of Leaders Magazine (Sweden)



Professor of opera and concert singing, a member of the art council BHS Bratislava and director emeritus of the Janacek Opera in Brno (Slovakia)



Collector, gallery owner and curator (Germany/Switzerland)



Doctor, pedagogue, publisher and publicist (USA/Czech Republic)



Former minister of science, research and culture of Baden-Württemberg and president

of International Hermann Hesse Society (Germany)



Owner and director of MIRO Gallery, Prague, founder of the TREBBIA Foundation, chairman of Trebbia INC (Czech Republic/Slovakia)